Vincent Libecq

Vincent libecq sculpture le taureau ART MAG

Vincent Libecq‘s studio produces sculptures that are much more than mere objets d’art. They are vectors of emotion, bridges between the artist and the viewer. Born in 1966, Libecq learnt the art of sculpting at the age of 20. But beyond technique, transmitting his raw emotions to touch the universal is close to his heart !

Vincent Libecq, the transmitter of emotion

Describing himself as a “sculptor who passes on emotion”, he doesn’t see technique as an end in itself, but as a means of deeply touching those who stand before his works. The emotions of the world, captured by his observant eye, take shape in sculptures that speak of joy, beauty, sadness, fear, poetry and humour. In this approach, Libecq succeeds in making the intimate and the universal resonate, asserting that art is that emotion which intimately links us to the whole of humanity.

Dynamism and light in Libecq’s sculpture

His works, such as Le Loup and Le Taureau, are powerful expressions of the strength and energy of these animals. They are shaped with a personal touch that introduces openwork metal not only as a material, but also as a dynamic sculptural element that interacts with light to create a living, expressive presence.

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l'arstiste ASTRO dans son atelier avec une de ses sculptures
Lionel Belluteau

In the world of contemporary urban art, visual artist ASTRO stands out for his creative daring and his ability to push back the boundaries of artistic expression. He recently announced a new phase in his career with the launch of his first work entitled ‘DIMENSIONS’, and his remarkable foray into sculpture.

Launch of ‘Dimensions‘ at the Fluctuart urban art centre

DIMENSIONS which will be unveiled on 25 May 2024 at the Fluctuart urban art centre in Paris, promises a captivating dive into ASTRO’s twenty-year career. From his early graffiti work in the northern suburbs of Paris to his monumental frescoes and stunning optical illusions across the globe, this book offers a comprehensive retrospective of the artistic evolution of this talented innovator.

ASTRO and Sculpture : a new dimension

ASTRO, known for his XXL trompe-l’œil works that redefine the limits of perspective, is now embarking on a three-dimensional exploration with sculpture. His move from canvas to sculpture marks a natural evolution in his artistic approach, as he seeks to push back the boundaries of his art even further. His sculptures, characterised by subtle optical interplay and the skilful manipulation of gravity, promise to captivate audiences and transform urban space into a limitless artistic playground.

ASTRO’s impact with Urban Block

But ASTRO’s impact is not limited to its individual works. As a member of the Urban Block collective, he is actively involved in the artistic revitalisation of Florida’s Thrive Art District, collaborating on the creation of monumental concrete works that redefine urban aesthetics.

ASTRO‘s commitment to artistic innovation and his influence on the contemporary urban scene are undeniable. His work is regularly exhibited in prestigious institutions around the world, testifying to his international recognition and lasting impact on the global artistic landscape.