Immerse yourself in Impressionism : The “Sur la plage” exhibition at the Musée de Picardie

À l’occasion des 150 ans de l’impressionnisme, Sur la plage, d’Édouard Manet, est visible du 16 mars au 16 juin 2024 au musée de Picardie d’Amiens. Cest le Musée d’Orsay qui a prêté à Amiens cette œuvre “locale” d’Édouard Manet (1832-1883), peinte en 1873 à Berck-sur-Mer.

Since 16 March, the Musée de Picardie has been offering visitors a spellbinding immersion in the world of Impressionism through the exceptional exhibition “Sur la plage”. On loan from the prestigious Musée d’Orsay, this emblematic work by Édouard Manet takes visitors on an artistic journey to the heart of the movement that revolutionised French painting.

Exploring a masterpiece

Dated 1873, Sur la plage is much more than just a canvas. It is an open window onto the shore at Berck-sur-Mer, where the artist captures the fleeting moment when his wife Suzanne and his brother Eugène let themselves be carried away by the tranquillity of reading or contemplating the ocean. Through this intimate scene, Manet invites us to share a moment of serenity and melancholy, while inviting us to adopt the gaze of the yachtsman, imbued with the magic of the sea.

The genius of Manet and the Impressionist spirit

Édouard Manet, the guiding light of Impressionism, stands out for his singular vision of the world. A precursor of thisdaring movement, he defied academic conventions by favouring spontaneity, luminosity and fluidity in his works. “Sur la plage” is a perfect example, where bright colours and light brushstrokes express all the vivacity of nature and modern life.

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